Fuck Yeah Prince of Tennis

the brilliant work by Takeshi Konomi

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I have been searching for a particular shintenipuri image for well about 5 hours now and to no avail. It is an image showing the 'future' U17 reps drawn by Konomi Takeshi. It is another version of this imgur(.)com/wTWaClf >___<

I’m sorry, I guess I’m not sure what you mean or how to help. I did a Google image search and found more versions of your image, here, and found out that this seems to be the magazine cover for the release of chapter 59 of New Prince of Tennis. I hope you eventually find this other version of the image you’re looking for.

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Anonymous asked: Is there any good sites that have many pot and npot official art pictures to look at? >///<

Hello! I looked through the official sites for a bit, but they were more or less just press release pages with links to purchase various merchandise.


This site seems to have some anime screenshots, video game screenshots, manga scans and more, so I would suggest checking it out.


This site in particular seems to have an extensive screenshot gallery (far better quality than my past attempts), but it just deals with the anime.

I’m sorry I couldn’t dredge up more sites for you. Of course you can always search through tumblr! I hope this works for you.